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Ambitious Studio with a Successful Concept & Ideas

Each project broadcasts a wonderful story of its owner, because this is not just a place to live – this is the way of life, living and a lifestyle.

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What Can We Offer

The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles

3D Visualization

3D sketch of each detail of your future interior.

Individual Project

The basic philosophy of studio is to create individual design.

Zillionaire Interior Design is a Dubai-based interior design studio that delivers bespoke designs for residential and commercial projects.
We recognize that every client  is exclusive and may wish to select from a menu of service offerings, including:

  • Complete interior design + installation services across new builds and renovations for residential and commercial clients
  • Concept design service only
  • Art consultation and sourcing

A well-designed commercial area is more than a visual frame; it celebrates your whole brand lifestyle, supports a relaxed hospitality escape, and conveys your brand story.

  • Zillionaire's design expertise is collaborative and creatively sturdy. We tend to wake up the process with curiosity, passion, and intensive knowledge of how to incorporate furnishings, statement items, and art from the native environment and all over the globe into your favorite space.
  • After carefully considering cues from surrounding architecture and the natural environment, along with exterior influences and research of color palettes, fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, and materials, we tend to tie it all at once to replicate your vision and make your design unique
  • We start by getting to know you. Our belief that each design is 'self-expression' makes it crucial to have a relaxed and open two-way conversation about how you wish to live, work, enjoy and celebrate within your space.
  • This critical planning phase helps us establish the values that matter most to you. We invent a thrilling, authentic, and sensible aesthetic path here.
  • By understanding your design concept, we can review the financial budgets and determine the time required to meet your prerequisites. We will then offer an Estimated Fee Suggestion for our services.
  • We now obtain together a personalized catalog loaded with inspiration and understanding of your inside story. Your vision is further analyzed, and the design footwork commences. This creative process is realized with spatial planning, design style considerations, initial finishes, imagery, product research, and early concept sample.
  • We convey how your vision will be fetched to life as a 'look and feel concept, a colors' palette, textures, patterns, and materials that portray the personality of the spaces.
  • Following the design of concepts and your approval, our curation, choice, and procurement service begins. All drawings are completed, which provide exhaustive and dimensioned elevations for manufacture. Schedules include walls, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures and fittings, hardware, bespoke Furnishings, art, and décor. Full specifications will consist of hardware, materials, accessories, and apparatuses if required.
  • This is the ordering (or commissioning of the production) of Furniture and furnishings, artwork, and other items as required. Our knowledge of local and international merchandise ensures each item is rigorously priced and quotations are given. Our long-standing relationships with trusted industry suppliers provide you with substantial value for investment.
  • Customized furniture items can have lead times as long as 12 weeks, but we manage all product orders, communicate with vital suppliers, and coordinate deliveries. Each piece is meticulously placed and styled on your behalf. We then specify the final touches, such as accessories and art as needed.
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