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ZILLIONAIRE is a global firm of architects, designers, strategists, and specialists, when ZILLIONAIRE was founded in 2002 in France as an employee-owned firm, we were committed to work together as a cohesive organization with a tremendous amount of inter-office knowledge sharing. This equipped us with a unique advantage because our expertise extends far beyond our local respective markets. Moving through numerous luxury projects all around the world -from France to New York, Italy to Spain, Morocco to Egypt, we decided to land in UAE; THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES. Our diverse and multi-talented professionals are passionate, intense, and deeply client focused, working alongside our clients to resolve complex issues and design highly energized high-end environments where people thrive. Through our work we strive to share our passion with our clients

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About US

Our Mission

We call our style ‘live minimalism’. Live minimalism is not about a or visual look. It refers to inner feelings, to your true self

Our Vision

To be number ONE in everything we do from idea generation to final project not only in UAE but allover the globe

Our Values

Commitment is a commitment, Client centric approach is our main strategy, Credibility of Zillionaire is established through actions

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What we do

Design is our foundation. From this foundation we’re building a global practice of like-minded professionals who are passionate about design—well executed, timeless, powerful design that improves peoples’ lives. Place gives form and life to the functions it serves; it influences perception, interaction, work, and user experience. For Zillionaire, design is the unifying discipline that connects innovation with creativity and unites diverse disciplines, technologies, and components to shape effective and forward-thinking work environments

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